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18th World Congress on Clinical Nursing and Practice, will be organized around the theme “Explore New Pathways in Clinical Nursing Practice & Research”

Euro Clinical Nursing 2018 is comprised of 15 tracks and 103 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Euro Clinical Nursing 2018.

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Clinical Nursing is a propelled field, which implies you could likewise end up noticeably utilized in training and positions of authority. The work covers some basic regions including crisis care, paediatrics and health and care of old people. The aptitudes and strategies in Clinical Nursing are the most vital strides to be followed in an expert way and are basic for better patient results, it comprise of certain fundamental to complex procedures, for example, observing, time administration, basic speculation at different circumstances, Judgment and Decision Making which is Considering the relative expenses and advantages of potential activities to pick the most proper one. Blending of meds, auscultating the heart, surveying the patient outline and so forth ought to be taken after, as a CNS work through complex circumstances notwithstanding helping a surgery. Along these lines certain abilities and procedures are rehearsed and finished with mind presence. The field of nursing has a role in grown-up mental and emotional wellness, pre-adult mental and psychological well-being, intense care, cardiovascular diseases, neonatal, oncology, parent-kid, restoration, female health and wellbeing, clinical nursing and diabetes administration.


  • Track 1-1Clinical Nursing Techniques
  • Track 1-2Clinical Nursing and Theory
  • Track 1-3Clinical Nursing Research
  • Track 1-4Clinical Nursing and Clinical Evaluation
  • Track 1-5Clinical Nursing Practice

Advanced Nursing Equipment is related to the technology involved in nursing today. The implementation of complex technologies in to the medical equipment fields like smart devices which are helping nursing professionals in day-to-day work. They save time and increase the efficiency of the work with the advanced equipment’s in the nursing field. As computer advancements turn into the essential methods for overseeing quiet data, medical attendants have needed to adjust their record-keeping practices and increment their PC aptitudes. Nursing informatics is a claim to fame that has developed, joining IT aptitudes and nursing science


  • Track 2-1Enema Administrator Simulator
  • Track 2-2Ostomy Care Simulator
  • Track 2-3Male Catheterization Simulator
  • Track 2-4Female Catheterization Simulator
  • Track 2-5Intramuscular Injection Simulator
  • Track 2-6Intradermal Injection Simulator
  • Track 2-7Blood Pressure Arm
  • Track 2-8Arterial Puncture Arm
  • Track 2-9Advanced IV Arm
  • Track 2-10Testing equipment

Emergency Nursing is practice in which nurse care for patients in the emergency or critical situations of their illness and injuries. They attend at life-threatening problems by prioritizing the urgency and effectively carry out rescue measures and treatment methods. They educate the patient and his family by giving the required information and emotional support to cope up them to the reality. Emergency Nurses treat patients in crisis circumstances where they're encountering injury or damage. These medical caretakers rapidly perceive dangerous issues and are prepared to help understand them on the spot. They can work in doctor's facility emergency rooms, ambulances, helicopters, dire care focuses, sports fields, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. As an Emergency Nurse, you'll treat an assortment of conditions from sore throats to heart assaults for patients of any age and foundations.


  • Track 3-1Ambulatory care Nursing
  • Track 3-2Administering Medication
  • Track 3-3Blood Transfusion
  • Track 3-4Cardiopulmonary Rescue Nursing
  • Track 3-5First aid and Breathing Rescue
  • Track 3-6Suturing Nursing
  • Track 3-7Delivery Nursing

The act of Legal Nursing requires specific information, aptitude, and free basic leadership. Nursing professions take generally dissimilar ways - hone centre changes by setting, by kind of customer, by various illness, helpful approach or level of recovery. Also, medical attendants are versatile and refined and work in a general public that is changing and lopsided for shoppers. The outcome is that the danger of mischief is inalienable in the arrangement of nursing care. Since nursing care represents a danger of mischief to people in general if rehearsed by experts who are ill-equipped or inept, the state, through its police powers, is required to shield its natives from hurt. That assurance is as sensible laws to direct nursing. State councils designate numerous requirement exercises to state managerial offices. On account of the nursing calling that appointment is to sheets of nursing. The charge from the state to the leading group of nursing is to ensure general society.


  • Track 4-1Ethical and legal issues in Nursing
  • Track 4-2Medical practice and linked Life Insurance
  • Track 4-3Economical Health Care Act
  • Track 4-4Elements and Minimizing the Risk of Malpractice
  • Track 4-5Health Care Quality Improvement Act
  • Track 4-6Patient Self-Determination Act

Nursing Practice is the profession in which concentration is on the care of people, families, and groups so they may accomplish, keep up, or recuperate ideal wellbeing and personal satisfaction. Nursing attendants might be separated from other medical practice suppliers by their way to deal with tolerant care, preparing, and extent of training. Nursing Practice attendants rehearse in numerous claims to fame with contrasting levels of solution expert. Nursing experts are working along with the doctors to provide patient a risk free environment as care suppliers. Nursing Practitioners build up an arrangement of care, working cooperatively with doctors, advisory, the patient, the patient's family and other colleagues, that emphasis on treating sickness to enhance personal satisfaction.


  • Track 5-1Licensed Nurse Practice
  • Track 5-2Nursing Courses
  • Track 5-3Travel Nurse
  • Track 5-4Certified Nurse

The role of Nursing Education is to develop the nursing profession by the combination of theoretical learning and practical training programs provided to them the platform to prepare them for their duties as nursing professionals. Nursing Education provided to nursing students helps them in becoming well adaptable to their work by medical and nursing professionals who are qualified for educational tasks. Many countries offer Nursing Education courses so that they can become as a general nursing practitioner or specialized in areas like psychiatric nursing, paediatric nursing, cardiac nursing and operatory nursing.


  • Track 6-1 Nursing Informatics
  • Track 6-2Nursing Courses
  • Track 6-3Nursing Science and Awareness
  • Track 6-4Nurse Practitioner Education
  • Track 6-5Advances in Nursing Training
  • Track 6-6Case Studies in Nursing
  • Track 6-7Digital Nursing Updates

Pre-Clinical Research nurses are involved in managing their own time, prioritise and pay attention to the newly arriving pre-clinical data and queries. The pre-clinical nursing is about research before coming to the direct clinical trials. Part of being a Pre-Clinical Research nurse they have a diverse role of recruiting patients, to  follow-up the patient , protocols , collecting data’s, maintaining onsite files, knowing about the agencies, regulatory bodies and giving presentations to inform colleagues about what they have done  in the research.


  • Track 7-1Pre-Clinical Trials and Research in Nursing
  • Track 7-2Drug Metabolism Observation
  • Track 7-3Drug safety Dosage Measures
  • Track 7-4Pharmacological Reports Study
  • Track 7-5Toxicology Study
  • Track 7-6Patient Health Recording

Clinical Service Management provides support for the administration and smooth functioning of health care services. Clinical Service Management helps in improving patient outcomes or benefits. With help of particular strategies, Medical members and other populations they develop new service deliveries and financing benefits which create greater benefits for home- and community-based care for Medicaid registrants and patients. A capital is important for the management and handling services. Clinical Nurse Specialists have a great role in providing services such as care and medical management, home safety evaluations. Nursing and pharmacy consultants offer clinical services all around the globe


  • Track 8-1Importance of Clinical Services Management
  • Track 8-2Principles for Marketing and Research
  • Track 8-3Healthcare System Management
  • Track 8-4Locality Health Issues Management
  • Track 8-5 Quality Assurance and Risk Management
  • Track 8-6Clinical services Laws and Ethics
  • Track 8-7 Healthcare Management Roles

Midwifery and child care Nursing is nursing strategy which focuses on the fields of pregnant women health and child-birth. Those who are train in midwifery have a strong knowledge about the pregnant women mind and their body works. Midwifery and child care Nurses focus on developing bonds with their patients throughout their pregnancy and child-birth period. They help their patients in process of child-birth and for the first few months of child birth because mothers have many doubts about the best ways for their new-born child. Midwives and Nurses develop their confidence by using this specialised area. Their skills developed in practice are complemented with the availability of our simulation models.


  • Track 9-1Neonatal Drug Allergy
  • Track 9-2Infant Cardiac and Respiratory Disorders
  • Track 9-3Infant Obesity
  • Track 9-4Mother and infant mental health care
  • Track 9-5Neonatal Ventilator Care
  • Track 9-6Infant Endocrine Problems and Research
  • Track 9-7Pregnant Women Health care and Research
  • Track 9-8General Pediatrics Nursing

Nursing Management is about the performance and leadership functions of nurses with qualities like decision-making, organizing employing for better outcome. The processes including in Nursing Management are like planning, organizing, directing and controlling the things happening during the patient treatment. For registered nurses it is common to seek additional education to earn Nursing Practice for leadership roles within nursing. It is regular for enrolled medical attendants to look for extra instruction to acquire a Master of Science in Nursing or Doctor of Nursing Practice to get ready for positions of authority in nursing. Administration positions progressively expect possibility to hold a propelled degree in nursing management.


  • Track 10-1Innovations and Research in Nursing Management
  • Track 10-2Health care policy Management
  • Track 10-3Professional career development of Clinical Nurses
  • Track 10-4Quality and safety of Nursing Care
  • Track 10-5Ethics issues in nursing Management
  • Track 10-6Health Care and Risk Management

Clinical Nursing Specialists are advanced practice nurses who can give the expert advices related to some special conditions or treatment paths. CNS Nurse is a registered member who has gained knowledge and decision-making skills for practice in the nursing field. Clinical Nursing Specialists have the graduation level nursing preparation and nursing practice within a specific area. The Clinical Nursing Specialists are focused on population, type of care and diagnostics to be followed.


  • Track 11-1Ethical Basics of Clinical Nursing
  • Track 11-2Statistical Data Analysis
  • Track 11-3Clinical Nursing Concepts
  • Track 11-4Health Program development and Evaluation
  • Track 11-5Clinical nursing Performance Management
  • Track 11-6Health care Promotion
  • Track 11-7Clinical Nursing career and Education
  • Track 11-8Roles and Clinical Nursing Practices

Surgical Nursing is a specialty area in which care is taken on the patients who are undergone surgeries. Surgical Nursing is a vast field in which they are specialised in surgical areas. Surgical Nurses are the largest group of nurses in the field of nursing. Advancement in technology helps in surgical nursing to evolve as a large group. There are various stages in surgery where the performance for medical caretaker is expected to help the patient.The medical caretaker must set up the patient and working space for the surgery. Amid the surgery, they help the anesthetist and specialists when they are required in Surgical Nursing.


  • Track 12-1Gynaecologic Cancer Surgery
  • Track 12-2Thyroid Surgery
  • Track 12-3Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy
  • Track 12-4Brain tumour Surgery
  • Track 12-5Arthroscopic Surgery
  • Track 12-6Meniscus Repair Surgery
  • Track 12-7Spinal and Orthopaedic Surgeries
  • Track 12-8Transplant and Plastic Surgery

The programs available for advanced clinical nursing for obtaining Graduate Certificate of Advanced Clinical Nursing in which nurses are wishing to undertake specialist training. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, regardless of whether they are nurture professionals, clinical medical caretaker pros, nurture anaesthetists, or attendant birthing specialists, assume an essential part later on of medicinal services. Advanced Nursing Practice. Registered Nurses are frequently essential care suppliers and are at the front line of giving safeguard care to people in general.


  • Track 13-1Advanced Nursing Roles
  • Track 13-2Safety and Health Nursing Care
  • Track 13-3Advanced Nursing Education and Research
  • Track 13-4Nursing Outcome Study
  • Track 13-5Crisis and Risk Maintenance
  • Track 13-6Advanced Nurse Practitioner Programs
  • Track 13-7Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Cardiac Nurses are specialized in practicing the work along with cardiologists to provide complete cardiovascular care for chronic heart diseases patients. The Advanced practice registered nurses with high level of education and sub-specializing in cardiology practice as clinical nurse specialist’s helps them in diagnose and manage conditions that affect cardiovascular system by preventative measures like health counselling, stress tests screening, and stress tests in the patients.


  • Track 14-1 Cardiac Surgery and Coronary Artery Disease
  • Track 14-2Cardiac Patients Critical Care Nursing
  • Track 14-3Advanced cardiac Health Assessment
  • Track 14-4Cardiac Catheterization Labs
  • Track 14-5Cardiac Nursing Research
  • Track 14-6 Cardiac Rehabilitation Practice

Nursing research is evidence used to support day to day nursing practices as it is an evidence based area of practice. Nursing education focuses on the use of research in nursing field to get new inventions. Nursing research is based on two approaches such as Quantitative research and Qualitative research. Nursing research methods are most commonly used for getting better efficiency and time management in health care system.


  • Track 15-1Family Support Strategies
  • Track 15-2Chronic Diseases Research
  • Track 15-3Heart Disease Critical Care
  • Track 15-4Non Pharmacological Interventions
  • Track 15-5Inappropriate Medication Uses
  • Track 15-6Infant Care
  • Track 15-7Endocrinology Research
  • Track 15-8Nursing Theory